Top 5 Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Site

Tyler Hayzlett
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Struggling to get traffic to your site? Do this!

5 Easy Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Website:

There are so many ways to attract more website traffic, but when it comes to learning how to manage traffic to your blog, the sky is the limit. Here are some of the most promising methods we have been experimenting with for years to increase traffic to your # site.

In this article, we will look at the 10 best ways to increase organic traffic to your small business website and whether or not it actually works.

If you have your own tips for increasing traffic to your websites, I would love to hear about them!

1. Use

Go to and discover what people are already searching for on your keyword topic.

People are already searching questions around your content topic in search engines. Just enter your subject matter and Answer The Public will kick you back a report of the most commonly researched questions.

Just Enter Your Content Keywords

The Power of Google Analytics Delivered to You

Answer The Public scraps Googles algorithm to itemize the most frequently searched questions around your keyword. Find the top questions and simply create content that answers the questions.

Eventually if you do this long enough, Google will start to organically connect your content to people already searching for your answers.

Create Content People Are Actually Looking For!

Seriously, you can get a years worth of content ideas that people are already searching. All you have to go is go to the site, enter your keywords and get instant feedback at your little fingertips.

And it’s a completely free!

It’s Important to Know What People Are Already Searching For
For Google to Connect Your Content to the User

2. Gotta Build Those Links

Link building plays an important role in bringing more traffic to your website and improving the ranking of your website.

Links to pages that lead to other pages on the site increase traffic and increase your SEO, and potentially also increase valuable referral traffic.

Flat out, internal links are key to getting more Google traffic from your websites.

WARNING: Nerd Alert

Search engines use domain names – linked hrefs as ranking signals, and if you include a href that leads to a domain on a website in a separate domain, it has the potential to increase traffic to that website.

Basically, when Google sees that you are doing out of your way to provide helpful links to data sources, you perform better with their algorithm.

These internal links can also play an important role in directing traffic to your website and increasing valuable recommendations and traffic that you can potentially increase as a source.

In short, by building more links into your site and content, you increase your SEO effectiveness, increase your clicks, and possibly even increase referral traffic from other websites.

Using the tactics listed above to direct traffic to your website will help you get more leads, customers and revenue for your brand.

You will attract the right kind of traffic, both in quality and quantity, and you will bring traffic to the site and your visitors will keep coming back to see more.

3. Promote On Social!

Don’t skip over this one cuz you’ve heard it a thousand times and stop outsourcing it.

Social media is not just a great place to promote your content, it is the place to promote your content.

Add social sharing buttons to each blog post to direct traffic to your site via social media.

Advertise Your Content on Your Accounts

Use PPC and social media advertising to bring more traffic to your site and increase your visibility in search engines like Google.

Facebook is probably the easiest place to start.

For example, you can set an ad budget for as low as $10 per day and simply choose one interest your audience likes and Facebook’s algorithm will get your content in front of who will like it.

4. Host a Webinar

Combined with an effective social promotion campaign, webinars are a great way to increase traffic to your website.

Normally a live webinar provides very valuable content for free and is one of the best ways to increase traffic to a website because it is free.

In combination with your PPC and social marketing campaigns, your webinars can be a great way for you to increase traffic and increase it to the website, especially in the early stages of development.

We host webinars and digital event (16 per month!) and is one of the largest sources of traffic for our company site.

5. List Your Business on Online Directories

Another way to increase traffic to your website is to be listed on online directories and rating sites.

One of the free and easy ways to increase traffic to your websites is to be listed in a free online directory that features local business. But while that may sound complicated and time consuming, it’s not.

There’s a tool for that. Meet

Yext Automatically Lists Your Business on All Major Platforms

Yext is a great tool to automatically manage getting your business listed on all of the top platforms that feature local businesses.

By following these 5 easy tips you will set your website up for success in order to increase your website traffic!

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