Having Marketing Troubles? WATCH THIS!

“Why every single one of you is a media company”

Gary Vaynerchuck, the CEO and founder of Vayner Media spoke at our C-Suite Network Leadership Summit in Huston in 2014.

What he said back then is even more strikingly relevant in 2021.

Because he explained exactly how to be successful in today’s crowded digital jungle.

And that has something to do with creating content. Like a media company.

Let me explain…


The Rise of Media Brands

In order to be successful online, Gary said that every single one of us are now media brands.

Because the internet is the marketplace we’re competing on now and that requires us to think and act like media businesses.

As Gary said: “producing content is now the BASELINE, for all brands and companies.

If we don’t produce content for consumers, we don’t exist to them where they go to discover useful information related to our industries.


The New Media Game

The internet changed the way we communicate and discover new things.

We now search for information in browsers and search engines and content is what we expect to receive as consumers.

The process of created content for brands has presented obstacles and headaches no doubt.

But it has also unlocked a lot more opportunities for companies willing to put in the time and effort to create valuable content to inform their industries.


Benefits of Being a Media Brand

Companies and individuals who create content (just like a media company) will earn a few pretty cool things like:

    • Brand awareness

    • Lead generation

    • Website traffic


Benefits to NOT Being a Media Brand

And companies that fail to adapt will earn some not so cool things like:

    • Lack of new leads

    • No brand growth

    • No subject matter authority

I’m with with Gary on this.

If we’re not creating content and telling our stories online, we can’t expect to grow with it.

Skeptical? I like you… me too!

That’s why you shouldn’t take my word for it, take it from the guy that’s created a 800+ person agency creating amazing content for his audience.

And who has been saying this long before I caught onto it…

Go be a positive voice for your industry!



Create and share content that adds value to the audience you serve.




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